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Mediation & Arbitration

As a certified mediator and arbitrator, Blake Bailey has the experience and expertise to deliver an unbiased judgment for all his clients.

Blake understands how to find a favorable settlement that works for all sides. His unmatched trial and appellate experience provide him with a unique insight as to the ultimate consequences if a case is not settled.

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Why you should hire

Blake Bailey

Blake Bailey approaches every case with empathy so that he can understand the objectives of both parties. This approach allows him to determine what it is going to take to reach an agreeable solution. Blake has argued legal issues for many years in federal and state appellate courts. Here are just a few of the many reasons clients choose Blake as their mediator and arbitrator:

  • 40+ Years Trial & Appellate Experience

  • Tried Almost 150 Cases in Trial

  • Decades of Experience in Mediation

  • Board Certified Personal Injury Lawyer

  • Former Board Certified Appellate Lawyer

  • Certified Mediator & Arbitrator

  • 100% Confidential Service

  • Creative Solutions

  • Lecturer Throughout the World

  • Multinational experience in litigation

Selective mediation and arbitration practice

Mr. Bailey restricts his practice to significant disputes and dedicates all necessary efforts to resolve matters in a sophisticated manner. He offers his mediation and arbitration services to clients locally and internationally.


He will carefully listen to the needs and desires of all parties involved and offer a creative solution to help the parties move forward.


He will examine all the evidence and hear all sides without assumptions or partiality to provide an equitable judgment.

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How does Blake Bailey Approach A Mediation Or Arbitration Case?

Decades of litigation experience has given Blake the ability to quickly determine what it will take to achieve a successful settlement in a case. As soon as he begins working on a settlement, Blake aims to understand the objectives of both sides and find a way to meet the needs of everyone.

How Do You Ensure Your Opinion Is Unbiased?

Providing a successful resolution starts with empathy. Many mediators and arbitrators have experience hearing arguments and presenting solutions. However, very few prioritize the importance of understanding both parties’ points of view. Often there are matters hidden that, once uncovered, can help resolve an impasse. Blake quickly finds resolutions for his clients because he approaches every case with empathy.

What Makes You Successful In Mediation & Arbitration?

Decades of experience interacting with jurors, judges, lecturing to lawyers and students throughout the world has given Blake the tools and perspective necessary to help both sides of a civil dispute achieve a favorable outcome.

Do You Mediate/Arbitrate In Other States Or Countries?

Yes. Blake has traveled as far as Europe and Asia to litigate and lecture.

Now Offering Videoconferencing

Videoconferencing For Mediation & Arbitration

The Bailey Law Firm can arbitrate and mediate disputes via videoconferencing. This also serves clients who are quarantined due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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