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Most experts agree, resolving a civil dispute outside of court is the best way to settle a case. As soon as your case goes to trial, you’ve already lost, even if you end up winning. The time, money, frustration, and emotional toll both parties experience are rarely worth the outcome. That’s why many plaintiffs, respondents, and attorneys choose to resolve their case through mediation.

Blake Bailey is a certified mediator and board certified personal injury lawyer in Texas who has argued almost 150 cases before a jury and handled thousands outside the courtroom. He understands the process of a civil dispute and the likely outcomes if those cases go to court. Blake’s trial experience has equipped him with the tools to make him an effective mediator in a vast array of cases.

Bailey Mediation approaches every case with empathy so that they can grasp the end goal of the plaintiff and respondent. This allows them to recommend creative solutions that leave both sides satisfied and ensure that everyone is treated fairly.

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What are the benefits of mediation?

Prompt Resolution

Mediation cases can sometimes be resolved in as little as one session. The same cases, if resolved in court, may take years to reach a decision.


Because of the quick turnaround time, mediation often costs a fraction of the cost of a trial.


When a case goes to trial, it becomes public. Depending on the nature of the case, the press may even get involved and publicize some of the details. In mediation, the privacy of both parties is protected, and the details of the dispute are kept confidential.

Joint Decision Making

Perhaps the best reason to attempt mediation is that both parties get to have a say in the outcome of the case.

It May Be Required

Many judges will not accept a case for trial until the parties have attempted mediation. This happens now more than ever because so many cases are backlogged, and getting a case to court may take months or even years.

What Kind Of Cases Will You Mediate?

Blake Bailey has experience with a variety of cases and can provide mediation services for cases involving:

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If you are looking for a qualified, experienced, and unbiased mediator for your case, Blake is here to serve. He approaches every case with empathy to understand the objectives and desires of all parties involved so that everyone is treated fairly and satisfied with the solution.

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